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Thai Yoga Touch - Thai Yoga Massage Services

Thai Yoga Massage is a dynamic healing art and natural therapy for balancing the body, boosting the immune system, releasing stress, increasing flexibility .

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Thai Style Foot Massage helps to release endorphins, boosts circulation and aids the lymphatic system, helping to alleviate stress and to boost the immune system.

Thai Yoga Touch - Prenatal Thai Massage Services

Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage will relieve pain in the body, improve circulation, prepare for labor with breathing technique, increase your connection with the baby.

Thai Head Massage Services

Thai Head Massage uses a variety of techniques to relieve muscle tension in the neck and shoulder areas, fatigue, insomnia, and headaches.

Thai Yoga Touch Thai - Raindrop Technique Services

Raindrop Technique® is a form of aromatherapy where high-quality essential oils are applied to the feet, back and spine, which brings the balance to the mind.

About Thai Yoga Massage Services

Thai Yoga Touch provides Thai Yoga Massage services suited for people of all ages and all walks of life. Our Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Reflexology, Prenatal Thai Massage Thai Head Massage, Thai Heat Massage and Raindrop Technique® services are customized to everyone’s needs and wants. The benefits of our Thai Yoga Massage services: relieve the muscular tension and spasm, reduce stress & anxiety, induce a calmer mental state, improve flexibility, boost the immune system, facilitate an overall sense of well-being, stretch and tone the muscles and connective tissues, balance the body allowing energy to flow more easily, enhance your practice of yoga, Pilates. Our Thai Yoga Massage services are provided by a practitioner certified in Thai Yoga Massage and professionally insured by Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association.

Release stress, increase flexibility and boost the immune system with natural therapy – Thai Yoga Massage.

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