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Thai Yoga Touch Thay Heat TherapyA hot compress Luk Pra Kob is a form of national Thai heat treatment that uses herbal compresses. Nested under the umbrella of Thai Massage this practice combines heat, aroma, herbal benefits and compression for deep relaxation and healing. The herbs – generally ginger, eucalyptus and others – are made into steamed herbal stems or warm compress balls, wrapped in cotton, and are applied to muscles and joints. The essential oils from the herbs are evaporated into the cloth aiding the healing process.

The heat opens up the pores and dilates the blood vessels to stimulate the blood flow. That causes faster nourishing and rebuilding for damaged tissues. The herbal compress then traps the heat so it can work on the muscles and tendons. This heat relaxation relieves tension from contracted or shortened muscles and releases stress from the whole body.

Thai Heat Therapy improves circulation, releases toxins, calms inflammations, relaxes muscles, releases painful knots, stimulates the nervous system and energizes your internal organs. All these benefits make it ideal for detoxifying and athletic/workout recovery. It is highly recommended for people suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury.

Moreover, the herbs used in Luk Pra Kob are also often used in aromatherapy to clear colds and sinuses. So, Thai Heat Massage can also boost your immune system, open energy lines and calm the mind.

Thai Heat Therapy Massage is performed on a floor mat. The recipient should be wearing light cotton clothing. You can keep and re-use the compresses after the initial session. To do so, keep them in the freezer and thaw when needed.

Thai Heat Therapy benefits:

  • Reduces symptoms associated with depression and emotional stress
  • Promotes clear sinuses and airways (an attribute of herbal aroma)
  • Soothes muscle aches and pain
  • Alleviates the pain associated with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions
  • Highly recommended for pregnant clients
  • Strengthens the immune system


Thai Yoga - Thai Heat Therapy

Thai Heat Therapy

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