Laughter Yoga is the best therapy!

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Laughter Yoga is the best therapy!

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Laughter Yoga Therapy


Laughter Yoga is a great healer and it works for everyone.

Laughter Yoga movement was founded in 1995 by medical doctor Madan Kataria and spread into more than 16,000 Laughter clubs in more than 70 countries. It is called Laughter Yoga because students combine laughter with deep breathing exercises.

The underlying principle behind Laughter Yoga is beautifully simple: human body can not distinguish the difference between real and fake laughter.

It reacts to both of them in exactly the same way: by oxygenating our brain and body, which brings energy and releases stress. Laughter itself is associated in our brain with positive emotions, which changes the brain chemistry in a positive way.

It is common knowledge that the right hormone levels are essential in keeping our bodies healthy. The good news is that human body is able to produce a lot of hormones without any external intervention. That is exactly what Laughter Yoga does. You simply laugh like a child, without any reason:” Just because.” It is surprising how easily (and how early in life!) we gave up our ability to be happy. When we are happy our bodies work in the most efficient way possible and produce more “happy hormones” – endorphins. They decrease stress level and strengthen the immune system.
The first time I encountered Laughter Yoga was at a workshop led by Sue Bhanot.  There was everything in this class: real fun,  yoga stretches and a scientific explanation of the influence of a good laughter on our well being. Sue taught us to trully laugh with a deep belly laugh – the most natural and satisfying way to laugh!

In today’s wired world, stress is the number one cause of all major illnesses. It creeps up unnoticed and often people suffer for years before they realize that it is excessive stress that is taking the toll on their health.

Laughter Yoga  helps in reducing the stress level.

There are many scientific studies supporting the health benefits of laughter. Laughter Yoga can be practiced in the morning to start the day on the positive note in the work place, seniors homes, schools – anywhere! Laughter Yoga truly is the best therapy!

If you want to be healthy all you need to do is just laugh!






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