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Get Professional Thai Yoga Massage by Thai Yoga Touch

Professional Thai Yoga Massage by Thai Yoga Touch

Our Testimonials


I am a regular client of Kate’s Thai Yoga Massages. After trying the Thai Heat Therapy yesterday I am over the moon about it! The herb bundles give off an aromatherapy scent that completely calms your mind & body. The pressing of the warm bundles on your muscles is extremely soothing. After the session I felt rejuvenated & back to my best self. I will now use the Thai Heat Therapy as part of my recovery process. Thank you Kate!


I was introduced to Thai Yoga Massage and Kate through a good friend. At first I was skeptical but after my very first prenatal massage I was impressed. It is a very welcoming and calm environment, I felt rested yet energized after my sessions. I love the advice/suggestions Kate gives at each session to help prepare me for labour. Kate is very intuitive and attentive. I loved my experience and the benefits I got from it.


I just finished having a Thai Head Massage and I loved it! Kate’s strong and confident hands worked their magic to relieve and release the tension I had in my neck, shoulders and face. Do yourself the favour and book one for yourself today!

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